Sunday, October 28, 2007

Help! I need somebody! HELP! Not just anybody! (singing the Beatles)

Okay, I SERIOUSLY need some help with my blog! I've tried to figure this out on my own but am at a loss! How do I get the names of other blogger friends to show up on my main page so I'll have links to them and can go straight to their blogs? For example, on almost all of my friend's pages, there's a list of names off to the side of people who either subscribe to their blog or they subscribe to theirs (not sure which, but would like to be able to see who subscribes to my blog, too). Who out there has a nugget of computer-savvy wisdom to offer??


Unsinkable Kristen said...

Okay, when you go to your own blog, there should be a blue stripe at the top that has tabs that say your name; new post; customize; and log out.

Click on Customize.

You'll be at a page titled "Add and Arrange Page Elements".

Click on "Add a Page Element".

You'll be at a page titled "Choose a New Page Element".

Click on "Link List".

You'll be at a page titled "Configure Link List".

Now, you can title your link list (something like "My Favorite Blogs, etc.).

Now you will enter in each page you want listed individually.

Type in the web address of the blog (or any other web page) you want listed in the box labeled "New Site URL".

Next type in the title of that blog in the box labeled "New Site Name".

Click "Add Link".

You can repeat this as many times as you want for as many pages as you want.

When you are finished, click "Save Changes".

Then you're done!

Email me if you have any questions!

Jennifer said...

WHOOO HOO! Thanks Kristen!