Thursday, October 25, 2007

Social butterfly

Here's an update on my little Benito, the social butterfly. We've had lots of play dates and fun activities lately (which might explain why he's sick now - yuck!). Here are a few pictures of some of our get togethers. We were planning on going to the rockin' Flower Mound pumpkin patch we keep hearing so much about, but with Bennett having his first ear infection and the cooler weather (which I'm LOVING), it's time to slow down and regroup a bit first. So we'll settle for going to the pumpkin patch next year, when he might actually get something out of it and interact with the things to do and see. We'll hit it all big again next week at Fall Fest on Halloween, where my buddy will be appearing as "The Most Adorable Baby-Rooster You've Ever Seen or Could Ever Hope See in Your Whole Entire Life." (For those of you who think a rooster is quite a random Halloween costume, ordinarily I would tend to agree, except that when he was teeny tiny, I used to call him my "fat little bird," which I still call him occasionally. So it's personal, it fits, and it really is a SUPER cute costume!)

Bennett and Sage.
We went to the
zoo with the
Demaree ladies.

Bennett and Mr. Gorilla stared at each other for a while. We left when Mr. Gorilla started eating his boogars (how DO you spell boogars? I keep getting spell checked!)

The Swaynes came over with their baby boy, Lukas. Bennett kept hitting him on the head. Such a friendly child.

One of Bennett's friendly,
sharing moments.
Yay, son!

More random pictures that I like...

Bennett likes
to read books
up to 15-20
minutes a day
now! Makes
a teacher-mom
proud! :)

Another staring
Bennett won.
He makes
Dolly nervous.

He found Mommy's drink.

Helping Mommy
unload the dishes.


Kristen said...

That picture made Bennett look a lot bigger than Sage! I think boogers is spelled with an 'e' (in my opinion) My kids also have loved the dishwasher :)

Jennifer said...

I think you're right about boogers!! Mystery solved! Thanks!!

Lori said...

Hey Jennifer! I found your blog through Kristen's. It's fun to read your updates about Bennett1