Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Favorites

Here they are, and random like last week:

1. MY JOB -- I LOVE it. I teach 4 year olds two days a week and I'm only there for 6 hours. It gives me a chance to stretch my teaching/professional muscle, while still essentially being a stay at home mom. The extra cash ain't too shabby neither :) I think I'm a better, healthier mommy because I get a small break from my Benito, and then get to love on him extra hard the other 5 days a week. With the way I'm wired, it's nice to do something that makes me feel professional and successful in and of myself, apart from mommyhood. The Lord completely dropped this opportunity in my lap last spring, and I am SO thankful He did! My kiddos are great and my teaching partner is absolutely amazing. I've been so blessed with this opportunity! And I'm SUPER excited about Lori joining the team next year! :)

2. SWIMMING -- I'll tell you, I'm not diggin' on the way I look in a bathing suit, but I LOVE the water and I love to swim. I have ever since I can remember. I also bought a one piece that has a little skirt that I am SO comfortable in (never in my life have I experienced comfort in the revealing spandex that is a bathing suit), so I'm not too worried about scaring small children. I'm seriously considering getting a season pass to the water park since Bennett would be free this summer. Has anyone done this before? Do you recommend it? Either way, I'm lucky because my parents have a pool (ah, yes friends...many many swimming playdates to come!) and my little buddy LOVES the water, too. I imagine we'll be spending a chunk of almost every day out there this summer. Maybe I'll actually get a TAN!! That would be awesome, cause everybody knows tan fat looks better than pasty pale fat, unless you are still clinging to the principles of appearance based on the 1800s era (I would've been one HOT babe back then). So anyway, making like a fish is on the agenda for the summer.

3. A CLEAN HOUSE -- several posts back I asked for advice about cleaning supplies and a bunch of you gave me some FANTASTIC ideas! I still haven't committed to a set regime of cleaning products, but I'm trying some things out.
Here's the span of my investments thus far: this AMAZING microfiber duster from BBB. It's got little finger looking things that sweep up and lock onto the dust. It comes in cool colors: blue, lime green, and pink, which makes me WANT to dust. The coolest part is that the microfiber fingers part comes right off the handle and you THROW IT IN THE WASHING MACHINE when it gets dusty, and then start all over again! I just think that's cool. I've always hated dusting, but I actually don't mind anymore - wow, that's heavy stuff. I'm also trying the new green works by Clorox, made from all natural ingredients that's better for the environment. What I really like about this product is that it's for multiple surfaces and can be used in both the kitchen and bathroom. In general, I'm trying to be more environment friendly, from the foods and packaging I purchase, to the cleaning products I use. I'm also trying to simplify and cut back on the number of products I use. I'll let you know how it works. I also plan on investing in a Swiffer vacuum - was that your suggestion, Lori? I haven't actually gotten or used it yet, but I have high hopes and expectations, and I believe it will deliver. I'll let you know on this one as well.
The truth is, house cleaning is a lot like exercising for me. I really can't stand it while I'm doing it, but it makes me feel SO good and productive and healthy afterwards, it's totally worth it (of course, I still don't do either one NEARLY as often as I should).

That's it for Friday Favorites. Here are some future posts coming up:

1. Video of Bennett reading (I know I've been promising this for FOREVER - it's downloaded to my computer and I've actually tried posting it 3-4 times, but it never uploads all the way. I think the file is too big. Does anyone know how to make it smaller or how I can post it anyway?)

2. Kudos to Mormons (I will definitely explain this one more fully) is planned for this Wed.

3. Recent pics of my little tow-headed buddy.

4. Observation about Oprah (yes, Oprah again)

5. A picture of me lounging on my new couch, as requested, so you can REALLY picture it, instead of settling for the creepy, over-excited blond in the previous post :)

Peace out.


Jason & Summer said...

Can't wait to see the couch picture - have something in your hand, okay? :-) Can we come swim at your mom's this summer? We love water too! Elijah is looking forward to being in your preschool class next year! Lastly, if you want, you can come and clean my house with your super-cool products after the baby gets here. :-) Have a great weekend!

angela said...

I remember when I began teaching at a mothers day out type school when Alex was Bennett's age. I, too, loved it! I stopped teaching when Ava was born because of the hole in her heart. It is a nice break in the week and gives you something to plan and work towards. Not having an education background, I learned a lot! I think God placed me there knowing that I would be homeschooling someday. I feel MUCH better prepared having taught for a few years!:)

Emily said...

Hey, you guys should definitely get an NRH2O pass! Maelie got one for her birthday and probably half the YCW staff is up there all summer long. We are really looking forward to a fun, wet summer and we'd love to hang out with you guys there, too!

Lori said...

Wow, love the post. You are such a funny writer! (and person!). I can't wait until the fall to start at my new job!! So fun! Let me know about the swiffer!! I should work for them because I am one of their biggest advocates. :)

Jennifer said...

Summer -- of COURSE you can come swimming! How fun!!

Emily -- okay, now I'm REALLY going to have to get one :)

Lori -- I love reading your blog, too, and I'm so glad you're excited about the job. You'll love it! I'm also a big time swiffer fan. I'm hoping the vacuum will be the equivalent of bringing out the big guns :)

Amanda said...

So love reading your favorites! I know I don't comment very often...but, just wanted to let you know I AM reading! :o)

Kristen said...

I'd like to know about your favorite songs, music, etc. Christian, secular, classical, praise....