Thursday, April 3, 2008

For my poop story friends...

Okay, so my mom keeps my little buddy two days a week while I teach, and today she had a super funny story. It's actually the first funny story about Bennett that seemed blog-worthy (rather than just mom sappyness or ridiculousness).

First, allow me to say that Bennett cannot STAND getting his diaper changed. He hates staying still for longer than 2 seconds, so lying on the floor on his back while someone changes him is something akin to torture. I often resort to pinning him down under my leg to hold him down long enough to wrap a new diaper around him so we can avoid a naked wonder running around the house :)

That being said, today my mom was attempting to change his diaper, clearly not making use of the leg-pinning method. She managed to get his diaper off and get him all cleaned up, but he escaped and ran out of the room (yes, ran) and down the hall as she was getting a new diaper and disposing of the old one. No big deal and no need to fear an accident because she'd just gotten rid of a really wet diaper, right? less than a minute passes while she's straightening up when she hears little whimpers and distressed noises coming from the kitchen. My mom heads in there and sees a dark blob on the floor. She has no idea what it is, but as she moves in closer, she realizes it's a perfect little turd. My son is clearly a super-human speed pooper. Fantastic.

As my mom is telling this part, I'm actually thinking, Sweet! Bennett was upset because he pottied on the floor! (thinking this because I've heard this is a good motivator for potty-training and a good sign that the kid cares enough to try not to do it -- not planning on beginnging that little adventure for another year at least, but still seemed like a good sign to me)...But alas, she finishes the story by saying she realized that my precious, adorable son had pooped on the floor, and then proceeded to step in it. OH MY GROSS. (and a bit disappointing/alarming for the foreshadowing of future endeavors of potty training, since it seemed clear that the act of pooping on the floor was not distressing to him at all - only his stepping in it...lovely).

Needless to say, my potty-training aspirations for the future were taken down a notch today, my little Benito received more than one bath, and the leg-pinning maneuver has been firmly reinstated.

So there's my poop story contribution, to all of you out there whom I know from experience enjoy them quite a bit (you know who you are :) ), and I fully expect you to blog stalk rather than comment, because otherwise you might give yourselves away. It's okay, I won't be offended :)


angela said...

Of course I'll comment. That's too funny! Your poor mom! Oh, as if the poop on the floor wasn't bad enough, he had to step in it. Love how he brings the messiness up a notch!

Courtney said...

Oh, the joys of "mommying" (or "grandmommying")!

Kristen said...

just to prove I'm not a stalker :)

Kendra said...

Great story. Unfortunately, I can probably guess that won't be your last or most "blogworthy" poop story. If my personal history is worthy of testimony, that is! he! Boys are so fun . .