Friday, April 25, 2008

Pictures of my Favorite Friday Favorite

Okay, my little Benito is (obviously) one of my very favorite favorites, and I'm WAAAY behind on pictures, so humor me this week...I'm posting a TON of pics of my little buddy. Some people say, "Oh, I know I'm boring everybody with pictures of my kid or that you just need to indulge me this time," but actually, I really do love looking at pictures of other peoples' kids, babies, vacations, etc. Pictures say so much more than words. So I'm taking for granted that all of you people out there feel the same way! :) hee.


M is for Monkey, B is for Bennett :)

Bennett and Sage

G.C. and Bennett at the zoo.
They roared and laughed at
the white tiger for a while. :)

Bennett and Sydney

Playing ball with the neighbors.


He's busted his face or lip
THREE times this week.
(please ignore the snot)

What happens when I allow
him to get his own snack.

How Bennett likes to
"clean up" his snack.


He was playing so quietly it was
making me nervous. When I went
to check, this is what I found.

Lining his blocks up all in a row. :)

And that should just about do it for pictures of my favorite favorite for a while. Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!


Amanda said...

Loved looking at pics of your sweet favorite! We had lots of fun with you guys! Can't wait for next time! May 12th did you say?!!!

Kristen said...

Cute. Do you have the whole alphabet of big letters?

Jennifer said...

Amanda -- whatever that Wednesday is, since Wednesdays seem to be "the day" for getting together for us :)(YAY!)

Kristen -- yes I do - they're made of foam and they're AWESOME. I used them in my Kindergarten class. I didn't actually buy them...they were passed down from the lady who taught in my classroom before me. Bennett loves digging through them and looking for the ones he knows.

Riss said...

Love it! Can't wait to see ya'll again.

Courtney said...

He is the most adorable kid!!!