Monday, April 28, 2008

Merely an Observation

I have an observation to make about Oprah. But first let me say that there are two main reasons for this post. 1) I think it's important that women out there that seem to think this particular talk show host has all the answers or is wise beyond her years, or is the end all be all to life advice and direction, also see and are exposed to/reminded of the fact that she has weaknesses and problems and struggles, just like the rest of us. This point is especially important to me because I believe in this society and culture, we can be strongly influenced, and even set up idols for ourselves without even realizing it. There are women out there who depend on the word of Oprah more than the word of God. As ridiculous as that sounds, in reality, it's true. Oprah's law and beliefs are not God's, and her truth is most certainly not absolute truth. 2) The observation I have made is slightly amusing to me. Not in a cruel, bwuh-hah-hah kind of way, but in an ironic, somewhat "point proven" type way. I think you'll see what I mean when I explain.

My observation is this: When Ms. Winfrey is thin and exercising and taking good care of herself, she speaks to her audience constantly about the importance of overcoming food addiction, emotional eating, comfort foods, etc., and how her on-going battle with all of this is a continuing process, but that she basically has it all figured out. She freely, openly, and continuously offers advice to others about this particular subject (when she's thin and lookin' good).

However, when she packs on the pounds, has to bump her wardrobe up a few sizes, and begins to have bags and circles under her eyes, the talk about healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, overcoming emotional eating, weight gain/loss, etc., disappear. And oddly enough, this "honest and frank" talk show host, says nothing about her continued weight gain or the possible issues behind it, although she presents herself as a wise woman who has the answers for just about everything, and someone who knows how to overcome all obstacles in life.

I'm not saying that her issues are any of my business, and frankly, it doesn't matter to me, except that on one side of the coin, she presents herself as this spiritual, emotional, and physical mentor and prophet of sorts, when she clearly has problems that she's not in control of. She talks about issues and events in life as if she has all of the answers. But she's made it clear that losing weight, being thinner and healthier, and looking good are important to her and she wants all women to enjoy it. If this is the case and she has all of the answers, why the substantial weight gain? And why the avoidance of the subject if she's truly the advocate for supporting women with troubles and her goal is healing and helping?

This may seem like a trivial post to most of you. For those of you who have already understood that Oprah is turning a page in the influence she has on our country and that it is not a positive one, good for you. I'm not writing this to poke fun or speak meanly about Oprah. And as I said before, she can lose 5 lbs. or gain 50 - whatever, I don't care. What I am saying is that this woman is nobody's savior, and she certainly doesn't have all the answers (I don't think she has very many of them at all, actually). A lot of what she does/says is a perversion of the truth, and recognizing this in the little inconsistencies is important. It's important that we keep our minds sharp and are able to label things that don't quite make sense or that we know to have falsehood in them. The weight gain is not meant to be a criticism or a jab - just an inconsistency in her "ministry" to others, one of many these days...I just think it's so important to know what we stand for and what we are supporting, whether it be through the TV shows we watch, the books we read, the money we spend, etc.

Thanks for giving me a minute to observe,


Kristi Petrak said...

I totally agree. Some people who give advice don't examine their own lives and won't work through their own problems, and also, some people definitely put people higher than God. I think it's great to look up to somebody, realizing of course that they are not perfect, unless of course it's God. ^_^ Love you girly! ^_^

angela said...

I've kind of noticed the same thing.

Haley said...

I never noticed i before but as soon as you pointed it out, i knew it immediately, she really is like that! How funny and sad!