Friday, May 15, 2009


Our little guy turned two months old yesterday. Time is flying by. I took him to the doctor today for his shots (yuck) and he weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs. 9 oz., 22 1/2 inches long. He's a little bitty thing and I'm soaking it all in :) No worries - he's perfectly healthy and is developing along his growth curve like he's supposed to according to the doc. He started smiling today, and it's PRECIOUS!! I'll try to catch a picture of it soon. He's also "talking" a little - making little noises, and that's adorable, too. Jasper is our little cuddle-bug. He loves to be held, and if he has his paci and his mommy, he's the most content baby you've ever seen. Something we were especially excited about is when he started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old. Michael and I work HARD to keep our little buddies on a schedule and to keep things organized and predictable. This makes a huge difference, I'm convinced. I did a previous post on the method we've used, and it's worked excellently with both our boys. We're pumped about it :) Our littlest man is an absolute joy. Bennett just loves being a big brother. He gives hugs and kisses, gives me updates (Baby Jasper is asleep, Baby Jasper is crying, Baby Jasper lost his pacifier, etc.) when they're sitting in the back seat, brings me diapers, etc. He's such a good helper. Having a baby in the house has DEFINITELY brought on a big fat dose of the terrible twos, but we're all taking it in stride and adjusting to the changes :)

I've included some pictures from the past month, including the best Mother's Day picture we were able to get, along with Bennett's Toddler Program pictures. He was a total HAM!! He was singing and dancing and playing his pretend guitar like nobody's business. He was so proud to show off his moves :) Man, I love this kid! He's a little sponge. For family and friends that live far away, here's what he's up to these days: sings the ABCs, counts to 20, knows all basic shapes, including octogan and pentagon, knows his colors, knows mommy and daddy's real names, knows how old he is, knows his last name, knows where our extended family members live (Texas, Arkansas, Alabama), loves balls, flags, cars and swimming, has this funny laugh he does on purpose that we call his "Fat Albert Laugh," because it sounds just like him, prays for others (including all of his teachers and his toys most nights :) ), has begun talking more about Jesus (the other day he said "I want to play with Jesus. Where'd he go?"), can sing several church songs, and he still points out people who have "Shimmy-Shake hair." His favorite movie is WALL-E, he loves to read books, to color, to play with stickers, and now to do puzzles when we're inside.

Hope you enjoy the accompanying picture walk of the things our family has been up to over the past month!

P.S. I can't get the gigantic gap
between the pictures to close up, so
scroll down a little for a few more.


Kim Hodges said...

9.9. Wow, he IS tiny! That's almost how big Jonas was when he was BORN. Lucky me. ;)

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

I forgot to say this: I knew that Jasper's hair was red, but I didn't realize how MUCH red hair he had. I'm biased of course, but it's so BEAUTIFUL! I hope it turns out curly like Michael's :)