Tuesday, May 5, 2009


You know you've got more than one kiddo when...

**You've learned (or re-learned) to successfully hold and eat a bowl of cereal one-handed in two minutes or less.

**Your toddler sometimes finds you going to the bathroom while you're still holding the baby, and looks at you like you're crazy.

**You hear the two munchkins crying/screaming in the backseat and there's not much you can do, so instead you crank the music up a little bit louder.

**Your toilets haven't been cleaned in almost two months. Yikes.

**There is always a load of laundry going through.

**You take a shower before everyone is up and moving, or you don't take one at all.

**You can nurse and read a book at the same time.

**Only having one kid to take care of is a "break."

**You smell like spit-up, baby shampoo and toddler sweat all rolled into one. Mmm, nice.

**You look forward to when you get to go work-out, because at least you're alone for a little while.

**Your toddler has sprouted a second head and acts like some kid you've never met half the time.

**You feel like the world's most awesome mom when you make it through errands or the grocery store with no catastrophes or crying kiddos.

**The thought of getting a hair cut, going shopping, or going out with friends is somewhat laughable and requires extensive planning.

**The baby swing and the pacifier are your best-friends, hands down.


Megan said...

Very funny post. I am afraid it won't be so funny for me in about 3 months. I will try to live-up my "I have an only child" days because I can only imagine what it will be like with two. Keep posting the humor. I will need someone to relate to very shortly. :)

Randi Freeby said...

I just kept laughing while reading this one.

Bogle said...

oh dear, I feel like that with ONE. UGH....I think I need another me.

Kim Hodges said...

You can nurse and read?! Mind would have said, "you can nurse and SLEEP at the same time!" ;)