Saturday, May 9, 2009


Next up after this post is an update on the boys, but it's been about two weeks since I wrote about the goals I've set, so I thought I'd post on how that's going.

1. I've lost 2 more lbs. in two weeks, which is a good, healthy rate for a nursing mommy, and that brings my total to 5 lbs. lost, 8 lbs. to go to be at pre-pregnancy weight, 13 lbs. to go to be at my ideal weight. Not bad, my friends :)

2. I have actually followed through and begun writing a book. I can hardly believe it, but I've already written five chapters - about 50 pages!! I think it's going to end up being somewhere around 350-400 pages long, and I like how it's shaping up! For now, I'm just doing this for myself as something I'm enjoying. If I just love it when I'm all finished, I'm knocking around the idea of sending it in to a publisher...we'll see. It feels really good to finally be doing something creative again :)

3. I didn't talk about this last time, but I'm really out of whack with major house cleaning. Straightening, dishes, laundry, etc. is going great, but the bathrooms, floors and other detail things are pretty rough these days. My goal for this is to start up with my rotation schedule again next week, seeing as how Jasper will be two months old...crazy. We'll see how it goes :)

And that's all for the updates on yours truly, for any of you who actually wanted to know!