Saturday, December 18, 2010

94.9 KLTY

I might not be winning myself any fans posting this about a Christian radio station in our area, but it's been bugging me for over a year now, and it's time to use the ole' opinion section of my blog. :) (And if you're not from this area, you won't know what I'm talking about unless you have this same station in your neck of the woods - also highly possible since this is the largest, most popular Christian music station in the country).

To be objective, I'll start with the pros of the radio station, because there definitely are great things about it, and things I appreciate.

The Pros:
1) It plays Christian music all the time.
2) Their logo says, "It's safe and fun for the whole family." They often have people come on the air and talk about how they don't have to worry about their children hearing bad words, inappropriate lyrics, etc. True, and greatly appreciated.
3) It sounds like they do in fact donate to charities, Christian organizations, etc., and they help people in need, especially around the Christmas season, helping pay bills, find jobs, buy Christmas presents for little kiddos, etc. This is a great help in the community, and a great example to my kids.

The Cons: (i.e. my beef with the station)
1) The BIGGEST problem I have with the station is their advertisements. In the past couple of years, this Christian station has taken on sponsors that I believe are highly inappropriate and completely contradictory to the Christian message. One of their largest sponsors (I'm assuming, since commercials about them are on ALL the time), is a place called SonaMed Spa. Every commercial is about hair removal, waxing, wrinkles and weight loss. The djs are constantly talking about how we all want to look our best (especially targeted toward women), and how we can get rid of the imperfections we don't like about ourselves. They use wording that insinuates we all need physical improvement and aren't at our best unless we pay for these treatments. And like I said, these particular advertisements are on ALL the time, as well as others promoting other specific weight loss programs and powders.

In the past several months, they've also begun network TV advertisements, and many times, the shows that are promoted are morally bankrupt and even trashy in nature.

The real beef I have with these is that a) CHILDREN, little girls in particular, are hearing these advertisements (subliminal messages, *cough cough*) and are subsequently hearing "I'm not good enough,"; "if only I looked like this"; "I need to do ____ to look/feel better about myself"; "The way God made me isn't good enough." BIG PROBLEM. b) Why are we advertising shows that Jesus himself would NOT promote, would not watch, and would not have his name tied to?? c) The last thing our society of women needs is a station who claims to lead in the workings of God Himself, to tell them they aren't good enough and are found lacking. SHAME SHAME on you, KLTY for choosing and promoting such a thing!!

2) Jesus Christ is never mentioned on air, unless it's by a listener. The station itself, the djs, the advertisers, etc. etc. never claim Him directly, and smooth over any mention of Him. There's no talk of His power, of His death and resurrection, of Him being the Way, the Truth and the Life, etc. They do play songs about Him, but the station itself doesn't seem to claim Him in any way, which really bothers me. My question is, why?? Afraid of losing listeners? Afraid of being constrictive, confining and narrow minded? Again, I'm not sure, but this has ALWAYS bugged me. He should be the one we're talking about ALL the time!

Even now during the Christmas season, they don't say things like, "Jesus is the reason for the season." No, their slogan is, "KLTY, the real Christmas station." Wha-?? What does that even mean??

3) The music actually played has become fewer and farther between over the past year or two. On Sunday mornings, they used to play Christian music non-stop all morning long, but now most trips to church are spent listening to more of the same SonaMed Spa advertisements. Yuck. So we turn it off instead of worshipping and being uplifted the way we were hoping. This goes on every day of the week. I get really frustrated trying to get some music in the car the kids can listen to that will build them up and teach them about God, only to find I can't do that when it's so interspersed with false, worldly messages from their inappropriate, far too frequent advertising.

I submit that this station is not "safe and fun for the whole family." And even if it was, where are the hard lessons, the moral lessons, the challenges, that go along with carrying the name of Jesus? We rarely listen to this station anymore. I usually plug in a CD or turn to a different station, either another Christian station, or one that may not be quite as "safe," (I have to screen it myself), but at least it's authentic, eh, rather than pretending to be what it's not.

I plan on writing KLTY an e-mail over Christmas Break. What I'd really like to know is if ownership or management has changed hands over the past 2-3 years, because in my mind, it seems like someone must have come on board and decided the money was worth more than the message. I'd also like to know why on earth they think these things (particularly the advertising) are okay.

In closing, may I recommend 90.9 as an alternative if you're in my area? There's great music, and instead of the ridiculous advertisements that directly contradict the Christian message, there are speakers and inspirational topics. This is the station our family turns to a lot of times when we choose to have the radio on.

My apologies if I've stomped on the toes of anyone who adores the station, but I just don't, and if I'm gonna blog about Oprah, I figure I should blog about this, too. :)


Kristen said...

AMEN!! And if I could type that bigger I would!! I had a feeling when you said you were blogging about KLTY that's what it would be. It's been bugging me for a long time and especially now with the whole "the REAL Christmas station." Seriously?? Thanks for the post.

Jay said...

I happened upon this blog, because I was wondering if other people had the same issues with KLTY that I did. First though, I have heard them say Christ -- but it was only as a reason not to play Christmas songs until after Thanksgiving "Keeping the Thanks - in Thanksgiving"...maybe they didn't say "Christ - in Christmas" after all. Now I don't remember. And now they are playing nothing but "Christmas" songs, Christ related and not.

They actually ruffled my feathers, when they wouldn't play "He's Alive" (wonderful song by Don Francisco) because it wasn't Easter. Easter and Christmas songs (that deal with Bible accounts) are Christian songs first, and Holiday songs second.

Anyway, I've heard that they are secularly some of this could be expected - I guess.