Thursday, December 16, 2010


After his little family party when Bennett turned three, he asked me where all his friends were, and informed me that he wanted a LOT of friends at his four year old party the following year. I'd planned on waiting until he turned five to throw a big bash, but he requested it repeatedly throughout the year, and he loves playing and partying with friends so much anyway, Michael and I decided to go ahead and have a big friend party this year, but keep it as low key (aka. easy on us) as possible.

So Michael booked one of the gymnasiums at the school where he teaches, and requested to use a bunch of their P.E. supplies, as well as the giant blow-up tunnel that all the high school football players run through at the beginning of every home game. We set it all up and planned a sports theme, and off we went. Everybody wore their favorite team jersey or shirt, the kids had a blast running around like crazy people and playing on all the equipment, and a lot of the adults had fun playing too :). Enjoy the pictures!

The Birthday Boy.
Oh, Benito, what a joy and a mess you are!

Some of our favorite people:

Deacon, Bennett's best buddy from school,
and his daddy, Mr. Jake.

Sweet babies! Jordyn and Brinley

Joelle and Jasper.

More best buds: Cason, Bennett and Haven.

Sage, Deacon and Ava. Love them!

Cousin Rylie.

Family and friends.

(And a shout out to two of my long time, closest friends, LB and Molly, who somehow managed to avoid being in ANY pictures!!)

Play time:

Caught in the act!

Cake and presents:

The M&M sports cakes I made at Birthday Boy's request. VERY easy to make, also VERY time consuming to make four of them (which was my idea, being the overachiever that I am).

Someone else being sneaky :).
(except J kept coming back again and again, not stopping until we finally wrapped the cakes up and packed them in the car when the party was over!)

More play time:

One of my very best friends, Terri, pulling the train. :)

Thanks to all who made Bennett's party such a wonderful celebration! He felt so loved and had so much fun celebrating his 4th!


Vicky said...

What a great party!! I know Bennett was SO happy to have his friends and I know what a LOT of work it was for mom and dad.

The pictures are great and thoroughly enjoyed them. :)

Kristen said...

Love the pics and we loved being there!! You guys are special people!

Brad and Lauren Holmes said...

I love your cakes. You are amazing, Jennifer.