Sunday, December 19, 2010


If you've been reading my blog over the past several months, you know I've developed a crafty-type itch lately. This itch manifested itself into a burning desire to make our own gingerbread house this year...from scratch. BaHAHAHAHA!! How quickly we lay our best intentions aside for more convenient and cost effective plans! :) Enter in the Walmart pre-made gingerbread houses, candy, frosting and base included. A brilliant idea (or so I thought)!

I've never claimed to be an artist, and it's a good thing, because this was the first gingerbread house I've ever decorated (Bennett has been BEGGING for one), and it turned out RUFF. So ruff, I can't even bring myself to spell the word properly. R-U-F-F. The candy kept sagging and pulling down the sides of the house, the icing dripped all over the place, and the poor little reindeer kept falling over. Bennett accidentally snapped off Santa's head (hee) and he had to be glued back together with a little frosting. And the whole time I worked (took a while), two little fellas who shall remain nameless, shamelessly pleaded for the candy pieces I was supposed to be using to decorate, and planting their grubby little fingers in the middle of the icing.

Originally I had every intention of adopting "The Night of Gingerbread House Decorating" as a yearly Christmas tradition...think hot chocolate, Christmas music playing in the background, frosted little noses, laughter, a beautiful gingerbread house to gaze upon for the remainder of the Christmas season, etc. etc....again I say, BaHAHAHAHA!!

I'm now rethinking that idea, although I'm glad we have another new experience under our belts (good for the brain synapses and all, ya know). I've included a few of the drippy gingerbread pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Happy faces all around...before I knew what I was getting myself into. :)

Giving the "Mommy Look" after being asked a baJILLION times for "Just one more M&M, mom, pleeeease?" He was quite intimidated and frightened by my fierce, animalistic wrath.

The Pitiful Drippy Gingerbread House

So there you have it, another Christmas tradition flushed down the toilet before it even really began. If anyone has good tips on how to make one of these things actually look pretty, I'd love to hear them, just in case I attempt the craziness again next year.


Emily said...

We do that every year with Elizabeth andn it is always interesting. This year I wised up and just hotglued the things together ahead of time and let the icing sit for awhile before we got started so it was thicker, but it was still pretty drippy. This year I bought the mini-village at Target, the same price as the big one, but there are several small ones so everyone gets their own. That made it a little easier, too. P.S. I loved the last blog about KLTY. I still listen to them a little, but as a mom with girls, it's disturbing to have all of those commercials going on in the car. I also got miffed at them when they were running those dating commercials and said something about drop your kids off at school and then go get a life with our dating service. Um, my kids ARE my life, or at least one of the major parts of it. Sheesh.

Jennifer said...

Hot glue. You. are. a genius. And the mini-village is a GREAT idea, as is letting the icing set. THANKS for the tips!

Also, I'd forgotten about the dating commercials, but those have bugged me, too. Thanks for the feedback.