Monday, August 1, 2011


I don't know if I'll do my thoughts and my heart justice in this post, but I'll do my very best.

Last week a friend and I met and found ourselves in eerily similar places in life, though our specific circumstances differ greatly. We talked for hours, updating each other on things, sharing our heartaches and hurts, and also encouraging one another as best we could while still feeling a bit broken down personally. Sharing the intimate, heartfelt details of one's life with another, knowing they will accept, understand, and empathize, is wonderful all in itself, but as we talked, an amazing thing began to happen.

We talked about how God seemed far away, and how it's hard to feel Him sometimes, and that even being raised in the church and filled up with the knowledge of scripture doesn't always make things easier. It just means we know the truth - which can never be underestimated, of course. We talked about how we didn't understand what God was doing or why He sometimes chooses to be silent, especially in times when we think He should be shaking things up a bit!

The amazing thing was, we both realized that God has orchestrated perfectly the timing and closeness of our friendship, for such a time as this. Both of us were amazed to find the other using words that exactly described what we'd been feeling. We thought each of us was alone and lonely in our current place, but God showed us while questioning and wondering where on earth He has been, that He is here, and cares so much about both of us, that He gave us friendship and time together to realize we're not alone, and that God's hand is still active, powerful, encouraging, and loving. He is still involved, He is still present, He is still moving. Not that my friend and I did not know this. We did. We do. But it's mind-blowing to have it illustrated in such an obvious, tangible, ironic way, right before your very eyes! It made me feel so cared for, so loved, so sought after - something I really needed.

So thank you, my sweet friend. You know who you are and how much I appreciate you! And thanks be to God, whose faithfulness and love are unmatched and unconditional.


Vicky said...

I think you described the journey very well. Those of us that are older have experienced this "knowing God" but feeling so apart from him repeatedly on the roller coaster of life.

I'm so thankful for your friend and your time together. God has blessed you both. Thank you God.