Tuesday, August 16, 2011


More info for you:

1. Our official move in date is September 3rd...2 1/2 weeks away. Dude.

2. We told the boys this past weekend. Jasper doesn't understand at all, and Bennett is having a hard time grasping it since he has never moved before. He keeps asking if we're moving tomorrow :). They met the girls yesterday and that went well all around. Bennett is excited about all of the cool things to do there, but his main concern is that he won't be the oldest anymore. That will have to play out when we settle in, I think.

3. I had to get a new SS card today because my wallet was stolen years ago (before Bennett was born), and I was one of those smarties who kept her card in her wallet (don't EVER do that!!). I am just now replacing it, and now I know why I procrastinated so long. The drive was a beast, getting lost in downtown was a beast, walking half a mile with the boys was a beast, and sitting in pleather chairs waiting for our number to be called was a beast. The boys were sweet and patient about it (thank you, Lord!) so it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it sure wasn't fun.

4. Michael started back to school today. Crazy. Me and my mom are taking the boys to the water park for the last time on Thursday, which feels really weird since summer is pretty much over for our family. Everything is wrapping up. On the subject of school, I have decided to wait to start school with Bennett until after we move and the girls move in, too. We'll start school at home that following Monday, I think (or as soon as I get his school stuff unpacked and organized :) ).

5. I know I have a kajillion blog posts left to do from my list, but I'm not sure how many more I'll get to. Trying to get your house ready to be put on the market is not for the faint of heart (much like painting one's kitchen cabinets, which one will no longer be enjoying). Hope the next people who live here appreciate the blood, sweat and tears I poured into those babies!

6. It's amazing how a new mission and a fresh perspective on what's important in life can really rev up your spiritual mojo. I am so thankful for the way God has refreshed me and given me peace and strength for this upcoming transition.

7. The girls (soon to be our girls - crazy!) start school next Monday, and will have to live in a temporary house on campus while their old house mom moves out and we move in (three weeks total). Terrible time to not have a stable support system. Please pray for them if you think of them. Please pray for Bennett and Jasper and their transition, as well. All four of us are going to the house for dinner tomorrow night to pray over the girls and their school year, and then again Sunday night to give them hugs and show our support for their first day of school the following day.

8. If I am not calling you or getting back to you in a decent, socially acceptable time frame, please forgive me and extend some grace for a few weeks. I can't remember a time my brain has ever been so flooded with information, to do's, how to's, appointments, etc. Whew!