Monday, January 12, 2009


So we got a Wii Fit for Christmas, and I really like it a lot...except for the fact that I'm practically obese according to my stats and that it won't let me tell it I'm PREGNANT. I laugh every time I get on the thing because it starts saying things like "'ve gained a little more weight. Could you tell me why?" HA! YES, I could tell you why if you'd let me! I have a blogging friend who wrote about her Wii Fit experience while pregnant and she said it was just as alarmed after she had her baby because she was losing weight at an alarming rate. hee. But other than this, I'm really liking the accountability and the fun things you can do on it. It keeps track of your minutes and what types of exercise and activities you do throughout the day, which is nice. Plus the board acts like a scale and also measures your BMI for you. Sweet deal (as long as you're not 7 months pregnant and counting).

I realized I haven't said just a whole lot about Bowen himself in all of my pregnancy picture and to do list updates, so I thought I'd do that now.

This kid seems to already have a mind of his own. He kicks and rolls and even pinches a LOT more than Bennett ever did. He really reacts when I'm laying down or right after I've eaten, and he makes sure I know it if I've been on my feet too long. When I wake up in the morning, he's already dancing around and saying hi, which is a pretty cool deal. Bowen sits lower than Bennett did, which is great because he's not up under my ribs (yet), but this is also a bit unnerving when he kicks down. Yikes. My family has been able to feel him move a LOT, whereas with Bennett, we had to coax and prod to get a jump or bump out of him. I think all of this movement and self-expression from the womb has helped me begin bonding with this baby in utero much better than I was able to with my first pregnancy - that and the fact that I understand how AMAZING it is to have a baby that is your own flesh and to develop a relationship with that baby as they grow. I'm on more familiar ground this time and can wrap my head around the concept of this baby being his own little person, with his own personality, preferences, etc. Everyday I'm reminded of what a miracle all of this is, and what a testimony this child is to God's faithfulness. Michael and I like to talk about what he'll be like, look like, etc. I can't wait to know for sure. I know that God is making him absolutely perfect for His glory and for our family, and that's a miracle, too.

And that's probably all the gush needed for this entry. Without further ado, I present you with the glories of Jennifer at 30 weeks pregnant (Warning: my belly has positively exploded over the past couple of weeks):

From now on I'll be posting a picture every two weeks since I've only got 8 weeks left, and because I'd like to have a record of just how gigantic I get this time around :)