Saturday, January 24, 2009


That's right. Yours truly has had the flu for a couple of days and though I'm over the worst of it, I'm still having a fairly rough time of it. The worst was yesterday, coming off of a night with NO sleep whatsoever. So first off is a big lesson I've learned from flu-ing it at 7 + months pregnant:


Although I really do think there are things from the devil himself, and illnesses are one of those things, I also know God uses things to help us out, teach us, set us straight, etc. This has been one of those experiences.

I typically consider myself to be fairly low-maintenance and pretty tough, including during the majority of a pregnancy. However, I'm also a self-proclaimed wuss and complainer in bits and spurts when it comes to the last couple of months of pregnancy. I'd just crossed this threshold officially a couple of days before the flu hit. I was feeling really sorry for myself and feeling fat, slow and tired (it's hard to feel one of these at any one time, but feeling them all at once can be pretty overwhelming - amen, other pregnant women?). I was thinking "How on earth am I going to do this for another 8 weeks and WHY am I doing this to myself again??" I was also thinking "No WAY am I doing this again!" These thoughts are fairly ridiculous for several reasons: a) there are women out there who have a very difficult time getting pregnant b) there are women who have lost one or more babies and it's devastating c) there are women who have very difficult, puke-ridden, bed-rest pregnancies, or things like diabetes or high blood pressure....I've never had to experience any of these things, for which I am so thankful, but tend to forget in the mix of the last two months. Shame on me.

Anyway, I absolutely believe that God has used this illness to smack me around a bit and show me just how good I've got it and just how much worse it could be (because having the flu along with a huge belly is pretty ugly stuff). I'm thankful for this lesson and actually thankful for the virus, too, because I think it's really going to help me keep things in perspective this last stretch of the pregnancy. I'm back to feeling thankful and grateful, counting my blessings, rather than grumbling and throwing myself pity parties.

And I'd also like to take some time to give credit where credit is due.

Michael has been working steadily and faithfully, with purpose and drive, to become a husband who loves his wife as Christ loves the church. Many of you know that we really roughed it for the first years of our marriage and that things got much worse before they got better. But I am here to tell you that I say prayers of thanks every day for who he has chosen to become and the work God has done in both of us. This pregnancy has been easier and far more stress-free than the last because Michael and I are certain in our relationship and our future, thanks and praise be to God.

While I was up all night, Michael got up at 2:00am and went to Wal-mart to get me some medicine and Gatorade. He came back with those, along with crackers, apple juice, and Cool Ranch Doritos (it's the thought that counts - hee), because he thought I'd like them and that they might help. He stayed up with me when I couldn't sleep, turned the TV on and watched it with me in the middle of the night, expressed his sympathy for my plight, and held me. The next day, he took off work, moved our bed and a million pillows into the living room, rented me a movie, stayed with me while I watched said movie (even though it was a total chick-flick) bought me more goodies from the store, suggested and made me cinnamon sugar toast when I was ready to eat, helped me figure out who to call and did research on the internet about getting dehydrated, entertained, fed and bathed our son that night, did the dishes (including some pretty rough pots and pans I hadn't been able to do...think Chili Night), ordered thin crust cheese pizza from Pizza Hut because that's what I craved, even though Little Caesar's is three times cheaper, brought me whatever I needed about a million times, and then slept out in the living room on our mattress that night with me. Right now he is out with Bennett grocery shopping, and as I type this, I'm also listening to two loads of laundry washing and drying that certainly didn't make it to their respective machines because of me. He's never once complained, only showed empathy and a desire to help and make things better.

I'm sure many of you out there have men out there who would do the same, and this is NOT a "whose husband loves them most" post. I just desperately wanted to say thank you to my husband and honor him publicly for his hard work and love for me. I also want his mommy to know that she should be proud of her boy. He's amazing and there really aren't words, and the reason for this is that he's chosen to make it so.

All of this said, and a few hundred paragraphs later,
Here's to you, Flu, for teaching me a fabulous, much-needed lesson, and for showing and reminding me of some of the very best things about my husband! (and though I am grateful for these things, may the remainder of your stay be SHORT-LIVED!!)


Emily said...

That is precious!! I can't say for sure that I've gotten out of the "poor me" phase of the flu, and I've been back on my feet for a few days. Just please take it easy even longer than you feel like you should - I think I jumped back in a little too quick and reaped the unpleasant rewards :) Hope you feel better soon!

Lori said...

Bummer!!! I just thought you were playing hooky on Thursday. Hope to see you back at 100% soon.

Vicky said...

I just now had access to the internet after almost a week without it and without email.

I'm sorry you have been sick but I'm so pleased that Michael took such good care of you. It gave me joy to read that. Thank you. :)