Tuesday, January 6, 2009



by Emily...here it goes:

4 things I did yesterday
*went back to work - I was SO ready to get our family back into our routine!
*played the Wii Fit - this thing is FUN, and I get exercise. Can't beat that
*had my parents and brother over last night for pizza and the Fiesta Bowl. Michael is a HUGE Ohio State fan, and my parents are big Texas fans, so it was quite a showdown :)
*vacuumed the house and made a list of things to be sewn for the sewing day with my mom

4 thing on my wish list
*for time to fly and this baby to get here...I'm starting to feel slightly uncomfortable.
*a finished nursery (hopefully this weekend!)
*to feel more in control of my hormones these days...poor Michael!
*a TERRIFIC girls night out

4 restraunts I like
Chili's (I know, I'm boring, but it's seriously my favorite. You can always count on Chili's)
anything Chinese
Red Lobster

4 TV shows I like
American Idol
The Office (although I don't often watch anymore...it's a guilty pleasure, for sure)
Cold Case (even though it's totally predictable)
60 minutes

4 People I tag
Kristi P.