Friday, May 21, 2010


Okay. The neighborhood we live in is slightly ghetto, which bothered me a little when we first moved in, but it's been six years, and I love our little house, and I've gotten used to most everything about the surrounding streets and houses. Except for one thing.

Can anybody, anybody, explain to me what on EARTH these people are thinking who paint the trim and shutters of their houses in these neon paint colors? Because I have tried to figure it out, tried to "take a walk in their shoes," so to speak, to understand, but I've got nothing.

Maybe they like color? Great, then wouldn't they want colors that look good and actually compliment each other?

Maybe they thought it would look less neon-y than it does - maybe in the store that puke green looked...alive and inspiring? Well, they were dead wrong, as is evidenced by...the evidence, so isn't it worth it to either exchange for a new color and redo it (would be to me), or even buy a new can, so your house doesn't look so ghetto-fabulous?

Maybe they let their three year old daughter pick out the flamingo pink now adorning their drain pipes? Then they're stupid.

Maybe they're color-blind? So what. So is my husband, and he has others who love him who will intervene in tragic color-choice situations, to help him along life's journey, as I'm sure these other people do as well.

Anybody? Anybody? Got any new ideas? Because mine are all exhausted, and my eyes hurt from looking at the throw-up of color on these peoples' homes.


Megan said...

Come to Latin America. There is more than one. ;)