Tuesday, May 18, 2010


1. It is currently 92,000 words long (350 pages or so).

2. I have one, count it, ONE chapter left to write; there are twenty-seven chapters total.

3. I am in the process of heavy-duty editing from beginning to end.

4. I've asked three of my dear, trust-worthy friends to take a month to read, edit, and provide feedback while I do some more research and preparation to send off query letters to literary agents in hopes that one of them will decide to represent me in the publishing world (EEK!!).

5. At the end of the editing process, I'm going to blog here and ask all of you wonderful, beautiful people to spend a day (the day I send off my letters) in prayer with this book in mind. It would mean a great deal to me, and I believe the message God has given me would help a lot of young women out there (speaking from past experience with my own struggles).

6. I am also mulling over the thought of re-joining facebook for a few reasons: a) for more exposure b) for contact/networking purposes c) for writing purposes. I'd really love to know if anyone out there has found a successful way to keep FB from becoming a compulsive habit. I'd love to use it as a simple tool, but have found that to be difficult for me personally.

7. Until I figure out what needs to be done with copyrights, etc., I probably won't be disclosing much on here about the novel, but for those who are curious, it falls under the Christian fiction category, and is more specifically geared toward young adult women.

8. I have to say that Michael is amazing because he has been so patient and SO supportive, believing in me as I've worked on this for over a YEAR (since April 2009). My mom is amazing because she has read every bit and piece of the darn thing and has heard every idea, possibly, or plot-line you can imagine. Both of them are the only reason I'm so close to finishing. I hit a couple of 2-3 month ruts where I thought about chunking it altogether, but they kept me on track.

9. I'll update again when I'm ready to petition you all for prayers and support for this year-long project. Thanks for reading about it, and for caring about something I care about!


Kristi said...

The compulsive reader in me is screaming at me to get my hands on that book!!! Praying for you! Can't wait to hear your updates!