Friday, May 7, 2010


Haven't done one in a while and I've got a few things I'd like to mention, so here goes:

1) Super Glue -- seriously?? This stuff fixes ANYthing! Wheel fell off (or was pulled off) a toy car? Check. The back of a picture frame fell off? Check. Broken piece from a decoration? Check. And about a million more I can't think of right now. This stuff is The. Best. especially since Bennett really is in an exploratory, break-it-then-try-to-fix-it phase.

2) Ritz Crakers -- Now you might be thinking, "Crackers? What the smack?" But if you knew my baby the way do, if you only knew what a picky eater he has turned out to be, how half the time he won't eat half of what I put in front of him, but that I have a 100% success rate with these babies, you'd be loving yourself some Ritz, too. He could seriously polish off half a sleeve in one sitting, which is good because not much goes into that little mouth when he's got his teeth clenched and lips pursed, shaking his head "NO WAY!"....and I thought the red-headed disposition didn't apply to him - hee :)

3) Netflix -- because they have this new thing where you can download hundreds of movies instantly and for free (well, for $10 a month) to your Wii and also do the snail mail thing one at a time for the new releases. This is fabulous news for me because a) I'm not really a TV-show addict, but I love myself a good movie, especially on laundry folding day during the boys' naps. and b) it is a far better replacement for using the library to try to get my movie-fix - more efficient, more choices, no late fees. Genius. Oh, and even though I'm not a TV show addict, Michael and I watched the whole first season of Lost in like three sittings back a LOOONG time ago, but then couldn't keep up with it after that. So what have we downloaded for FREE to our Wii to watch ANY time we want? Seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5, and we're watching it all little by little together. Love it!

And the things I'm not so fond of on this particular Friday?

1) Southlake Town Center -- Because really? It's so crowded and it's so near impossible to find a parking spot, it's just not worth my efforts anymore (side note: I'm pretty sure part of this opinion comes from having my two rascally wily boys with me all the time - if I went by myself or with a friend with an unlimited amount of time to shop, my affections would most likely be rekindled). For now, it's a royal pain in my side.

2) Doing dishes -- I have a mountain calling my name. And they never end. And you have to do 3-4 things to get one load done (rinse, load, unload, repeat). And your hands get yucky, which I REALLY can't stand. And sometimes some people don't rinse their own dishes off when they should so they're even nastier when you get to them. And after you've worked and gotten hot and sweaty to cook dinner and then there are a bunch of dishes left from it, even when your fabulouso husband is helping you, it's still discouraging. I'm just saying.

And there are all of my pearls of wisdom and insightfulness for the day.