Friday, May 7, 2010


I had my "special" moment of the week this morning. We had a birthday party to go to at a jump place a good distance away (about 20 minutes), and I spent the morning packing our bags, wrapping the birthday boy's present, getting directions, dressing the boys and myself up in our "party garb," etc etc.

When we got the invitation in the mail a week or so ago, I remember registering the fact that the party was scheduled for Friday, and I planted the thought in my head that it was for May 7th.

So...we load up, stop off at Michael's school to get the umbrella stroller out of his car, then drive the distance, all the while talking about how much fun Bennett's going to have with Isaiah and Belle at the party...

We get there, I unload in frenzied mode (we're about 15 minutes late, which I feel bad about), we walk through this large building to the back corner to find the actual jump room. I pull out my invitation ticket and say to the lady up front "We're here for Isaiah's party." She looks at me blankly and I think "uh-oh..." Then she looks at the ticket and says in the sweetest voice, "This party is on the 14th. Next week." She points to the date written plain as the nose on my face, right smack in the middle of the invitation, which I obviously didn't glance at once to double check. Nice. She then tells me it's $5 Friday if I just want to stay. So that's what we did. Because we'd driven all that way. Because we were loaded down with all our stuff, and because poor Bennett was SOOOO excited.

This place ended up being more fun than the one we usually go to near our house, and Bennett was pretty stoked at the idea of making the trek out there again next Friday, so it all turned out fine. Still, definitely a "special" morning for me.