Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We went to the zoo today and I had a conversation with a couple of friends about the difference between boys and girls. It really is amazing to me how different they truly are. I'm so thankful to be a mommy of boys because I know I wouldn't have picked up on these differences or truly understood them without my own two little adventures (all you moms of girls out there don't go getting your feathers ruffled, because I would still love to have a little girl of my own, too, whether she be biological or adopted - I deeply desire to experience BOTH).

While we were looking around at the animals and running in and out of exhibits, there was a stark contrast between the sweet little girl that was with us and Bennett and his boy buddy. The boys were hollering and darting around like chickens with no heads, while the little lady strolled from sight to sight, quietly taking everything in. It was so cute and so impossible to try to get pictures of all of them (I'll post our efforts once they're e-mailed to me), and it's such a blessing to watch God's plan for boys and girls unfold before my eyes - He really did make us different, and He really did give us ingrained purposes and desires. Pretty awesome.

Along with this, my friend and I were laughing about the dirty looks we OFTEN get from moms with girls when our boys jump around and yell and roll in the dirt and splash in the puddles and race in circles around other peoples' strollers and squeeze in front of groups of people no matter how tiny the space. There are some behaviors that are inappropriate and are taught and re-taught as being okay or not okay, but there are SO MANY behaviors that are a direct result of their gender, and there is nothing to be done. About the time Bennett turned 2 1/2 or so, I realized this and stopped wanting to change his boyish behaviors. I correct and discipline him when he is wrong, when he does something ugly, when he needs to be more considerate of others' feelings etc., but a while back, I began to delight in the characteristics that make boys, boys.

My oldest son is an absolute mess, he's a textbook strong-willed child, and he keeps me constantly moving and changing and redirecting - I'm in a perpetual state of living on my toes, and I. LOVE. IT. Yes, sometimes I want to eat my hair, and yes, sometimes I feel like my eyes are going to roll back into my head from exhaustion, but Boy Howdy we sure do have fun. Never a dull moment in our house, especially since his brother is following in his footsteps in many ways.

And since I'm kinda sorta posting about my Benito anyway, I'll give a brief update on him (he's almost 3 1/2 - YIKES, where does the time go??):

--Favorite phrases: "Hey, Mama, I gotta deal! How about we _____." (this is usually a negotiation about eating candy, watching a movie, or playing outside).
"I told you and told you and told you not to do that!" (usually to Jasper, or to Daddy when Michael is purposely agitating him).
"Oh, THANK YOU Mama, THANK YOU!" (usually comes after one of his "deals" working out, or after unexpectedly getting something he's been wanting or has earned).
"Will that make Jesus happy/sad?" (thinking more and more on this, which is obviously wonderful to hear).
"Okay, Mama. I will, I will." (when he's in an agreeable mood and I've asked him to do something to help me).
"Just a little spanking, or a hard spanking?" (I'm sure you can guess when this comes).

--Favorite things: his car collection, playing with his neighbors down the street, going for walks to see the fish pond, his best buddy Cason, going to Let's Jump, playing with Mimi, the water park (which he cannot WAIT to go to again - he asks almost everyday when we'll get to start going), candy, reading new books, sidewalk chalk, chasing birds, agitating his brother, listening to his favorite songs in the car, chicken nuggets with ketchup, gum, taking dishes to the sink to wash them out (beautiful), the playscape at church, watching movies (sigh), playing flashlight tag, dancing and singing songs he knows, etc etc etc.

(pictures of the zoo to follow)