Saturday, July 24, 2010


A few events involving family that we were blessed to be a part of this summer...

Me and my mom flew to Colorado to watch my cousin Kenzie get married. The scenery was beautiful and the bride looked gorgeous. We were SO glad we got to go.

(my other cousin Jordan and his wife, Reiko)

My twin cousins, Christian and Christopher came to visit from Georgia last week. They were baptized on their birthdays, so we celebrated both while they were here. Their dad (my Uncle Charley) passed away years ago from a brain tumor, and we are SO proud of these boys and the way they've grown and learned to entrust their lives to God. My dad has worked hard to fill the shoes of a male mentor and father-figure; he baptized them at our church.

Bennett made cookies this weekend with ingredients he picked out and helped with, to take to Mimi and Poppy and Uncle Joe Joe (he was SO proud of them :) ).