Saturday, July 24, 2010


Take 'em with a grain of salt, because these are based purely on my own opinions, and several of the movies are horribly outdated (because, for the most part, Michael and I find ourselves a bit busy to be watching movies when they actually come out :) ).

1. ECLIPSE -- (soap box alert) well you knew I had to review this one, since I've always been a fan of the books, and a lukewarm fan (as much as I can be as a woman who is *gulp* like 10 years older than these kids) of the movies. Let me say first off, that these movies really are terrible quality in both acting and special effects. That just goes without saying, and if you don't agree, you're probably a little biased and affected by the books, rather than the actual movies, although you may not be objective enough to realize it. hee :). Apart from that, here was my take on the third movie of the Twilight series: when all of the hype began with the first movie, I shrugged my shoulders, got in line to buy my ticket, and enjoyed each of the first two (again, as much as you can enjoy films like these, that are so obviously geared toward pubescent girls). But with this third one, I just couldn't help but notice how, leading up to the movie, women and girls seemed to be getting more and more out of hand. I mean, really? It's a story. And really? It's about vampires for Pete's sake. And really? It's the same love story told a different way that's been told for hundreds of years. That aside, I was convicted and pierced during the viewing of Eclipse. It made me so sad to know that thousands (maybe even millions) of girls and women are watching this movie, and aspiring and hoping for something that isn't real, and in fact, is destructive - harmful to real life. There were so many worldly, fleshly ideas portrayed in this movie, it grieved my heart for the impressionable teens of our time. Maybe part of that is because of the book I just finished writing, which I've attempted to make an antithesis of worldly, fleshly ideas, to help girls who struggle with self-image. Maybe part of it is because as the series goes on, it's more and more unbelievable and filled with false ideas of love and romance and fulfillment. Maybe it's because for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I am really, truly finding what it means to be filled by Jesus and His truth and His Word. And I can tell you, this movie is a far cry from anything to do with the truth of God and His purposes for us here. So if I'd been there viewing on a strictly entertainment basis, I probably still would have come away thinking "meh" (in the words of Jason Cox), but from a spiritual standpoint, it really stuck in my craw. So there you have it.

2. MONSTERS VS. ALIENS -- yes, we've just now seen it. Last night, actually. And Michael and I both thought it was cute and funny, and definitely worth seeing if you haven't yet. It was fun and refreshing - a nice break from a day of hard work :)

3. 2012 -- yes, we've just now seen it. Tonight, in fact (we're making up for lost time). And it's ridiculous. It's like all of the disaster movies about the end of the world you've ever seen in your whole entire life, with all of the special effects, along with weird, haphazard plot lines interwoven throughout, and a whole whole lot of people dying over and over again, with one family (the family of the hero/main character, of course), prevailing against all odds. Blargh.

4. KATE & LEOPOLD -- again, I just watched it recently. I know it came out forever ago. I thought it was cute...even though it wasn't believable at all. Meg Ryan was bitter and unattractive and quirky, and Hugh Jackman was smitten with her for who knows why. I was a fan in the end because it ended all tied up in a nice, neat romantic bow, just the way I like things. Had it pulled a City of Angels ending, it would've had no redeeming value whatsoever and me and Meg would've had words.

And there's your pointless movie review of films probably most of you saw years ago :)