Sunday, July 18, 2010


Some things we've been up to...

Michael is the neighborhood Pied Piper. No joke. These kids follow him around and come to the door asking if he's home. He's trying to figure out a way to retire gracefully from the job. :)

Summer Spectacular 2010

This picture does NOT do the show justice. It was a three-night story of Elijah, and it was AMAZING! Bennett learned SO much, and he still asks every week when Summer Spectacular is going to come back.

Jasper John's new favorite past-time. I can't even complain about the mess because it keeps him off my hip for a few minutes!

We took Bennett bowling for the first time with some good friends who also have a little boy,
and after he figured out how to roll the ball, he loved it (here he is doing his "Bowling Dance").

Daddy teaching him how to roll the ball.

Mommy re-teaching him how to roll the ball.
(he said it went too slow the other way)

My big guy with his teeny-tiny bowling shoes :)

Brothers. Oy vey.

**scroll down to the MY HAIR post to see the long-awaited, highly anticipated pictures of my haircut and color**