Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Our church had a GIGANTIC garage sale this past weekend to raise money for our "Greater Things" campaign, and for a new baptistry, more specifically. I scored big.

I got a sewing machine for $10. It's old, but it works, and I'm pumped, because I'm just now trying things out with it. Whoo HOOOO!!

I got a light jacket for Bennett for $1.

I got a pair of calf-length brown boots in mint condition for ONE DOLLAR. I KNOW!! Brown boots were going on my Christmas list, and I was planning on them being one of my big ticket items, but now I don't have to put them on my list at all! :)

I also bought a set of shelves/bookcases that are very old that I'm going to attempt to completely make over in the next few months. I paid $10 for both of them together. Sweet.

There were also random knick knacks and home decor, and it was all $1-$2.

I stayed for an hour, and could have stayed a lot longer, but I was afraid of jinxing myself since I found EXACTLY what I wanted, and that pretty much never happens!

I would say after this experience that I'm a huge fan of garage sales, but that's not entirely true. Maybe I just don't hit the right ones, but I've very rarely had good finds at garage sales. But this one at the church was positively huge (spanning a large outside parking lot and four gymnasiums worth of stuff!). So any time there's an enormous sale like that, you can bet yours truly will be there!


Brad and Lauren Holmes said...

YEAH!! Yours truly is a huge fan of garage sales too, especially church ones. I am giving a talk about family fun and frugal living at my MOPS group in January and I am going to talk about church garage sales!!!