Sunday, June 26, 2011


HAHAHAHA! I'm already laughing at my own cleverness with the title of this blog post. You'll see why in a minute (although I don't expect you to be half as impressed with my radiant wit as I am :) ).

This afternoon we got home from church and had lunch, and then Bennett begged and begged to play a combo game of hide-n-seek/escape the monster. It's where he and Michael hide somewhere and me and Jasper come find them, which thereafter ensues in an unlimited amount of tickling, growling, wrestling, etc. We do this over and over again, usually until one of the adults calls it quits (that's usually me).

For this particular round of the game, Michael and Bennett were hiding in our master bath shower. I was growling and making all kinds of fierce monster sounds, feeling extremely proud of my scary beast prowess. We wound it down and Bennett and Michael started to try to come out of the shower door with me still blocking the entrance and acting all "monstery." In Michael's pursuit of escape, he shoved his rear end back against the shower wall to push off and gain momentum (I am laughing out loud as I type), but instead of gaining that leverage, he dented in a large chunk of the tiled shower wall. The tiles caved and fell, leaving an exposed, crumbly part of the dry wall behind. BWA-HAHAHAHA!! Get it?! "Butting" in?! HAAAA!

The first thing I said to Michael was, "Wow, honey, your bottom is so big, it knocked out our shower wall!" Little ears pick up everything, and Bennett has been repeating and rephrasing that little jewel of a comment ever since. His favorite question to ask now is, "Daddy, how did your big bottom make a hole in that shower?" HAHAHAHA!! It never gets old, people.

So now my big-bottomed husband (if you know Michael and you know how tall and thin he is, you know how ridiculous this description is) is in our bathroom tearing apart our shower so he and my dad can re-tile it all. My dad is an expert tiler, so luckily all we'll have to pay for are the supplies, not manual labor. We're out a few hundred bucks and are considering trading the shower for our trip to Galveston later this summer (boo!), but our bathroom keeps getting prettier and prettier, so I guess that's good :).


Vicky said...

This was too funny!!

It's hard to imagine Michael's rear actually "did the deed"

I'm still laughing.