Monday, June 20, 2011


The show itself spanned three nights and totaled about 3 hours, and this year we did the story of Noah. There were evil people on Night One before the flood, the animals came on Night Two, and on Night Three, Noah's family and the animals were going crazy, ready to get off the boat. I was Ham's wife in the show, and the eight of us in Noah's family acted out the story along with the narrators (one of my best friends and her fiance, who are getting married in October and were SOOOO cute together on stage!).

There were wonderful things about each night. On Night One, the music was awesome and the dancing was intense. On Night Two, we sang African songs acapella to call the animals onto the Ark - they came through the audience from the back and down the stairs from the balcony. The first time we did this, almost all of Noah's family onstage got choked up watching the animals come along with the peoples' reactions in the audience. It struck me all at once that God really CREATED all of these animals - made them up out of thin air, using his imagination, and then He brought them to the ark in pairs. Amazing. On Night Three, of course, came the rainbow at the end, which consisted of hundreds of strings of lights zip tied behind a screen. It took the men working on it four days to make and they used 3,000 zip ties. Holy Moly.

God really does keep His promises, and He really is Almighty and all powerful. In the midst of the show, I felt so convicted and reminded of this. In so many ways, I think I was more blessed performing it all than the people in the audience watching.

This post will have a TON of pictures in it, and then the last post I'll write about the kids we met as they came through the line to have their shirts autographed, as well as the wonderful people I've met through it all.

P.S. I know my family is the only group of people who really care about this. I am not disillusioned to think anyone else is really all that interested :). Bear with me and it'll be back to normal blogging in a couple more days.