Monday, June 27, 2011


After the last post about the now mandatory shower redo in our bathroom, I thought it only appropriate to update what's going on in the house DIY-wise.

1. I am still planning on painting our kitchen cabinets a soft white color and adding oil-rubbed bronze hardware to tie them in to our black appliances. I'm also planning on tiling a new backsplash and already have some of the tile for it (bought majorly on sale around Christmas time last year). However, this project still terrifies me because it could go way wrong in a hurry. But I know if I can get it right, it will brighten up our entire home (we have a very open concept layout) and will definitely increase the value of the home when we eventually sell.

2. I just saw a project on a blog today that I am now desperate to tackle because it looks SO amazing and would not be that hard or that expensive to do. It's a fireplace makeover, which sounds super intimidating, but compared to the kitchen project, it's child's play. Here's a picture and the link for the post I'm wanting to imitate. We would cover over the vertical brick entirely, like this woman did, and also paint the "bench" part of the brick white, like her. I think it's BRILLIANT, and would once again be one more step toward lightening and brightening our home, which is something I've really been working hard on for a year or so now. The link for it is HERE.

3. There are several odds and ends I still need to take care of, like spray painting a huge vase I got from Goodwill for $4, patching up the frame around our front door, and installing new hardware in the master bathroom. As I said before, all of this goes little by little using our minuscule monthly home improvement budget. Baby steps, baby steps.

I'll post before and after pictures as I get the projects completed. Wish me luck!


Emily said...

Hey, Girl! Just wanted to encourage you that we got really serious about our cabinets on Wednesday. We got them all cleaned and primed in one day. It has not been nearly as hairy scary as I feared. My sister is helping and that's made it go so much faster. This weekend we are painting and sealing, so all in all a three day project and I'm already loving the way it's looking. Good luck!