Wednesday, June 22, 2011


One of my very favorite things about doing something new is all the new people you meet and get to know. A lot of the cast was new this year, and with the way the cast was split into different groups for different parts of the show, it took a while to get to know people, but the two set building days and the last two weeks of practice/show times gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with a lot of wonderful, talented people. Now that it's all over, I'm really missing everyone!

These sweet girls are in the youth group at our church. It was so great getting to know a lot of them.

Abbey and Gracie (Gracie shared her husband with me for the show, who did an awesome job playing Ham), Mr. and Mrs. Skunk.

The Peacocks - Joey and Sarah. They were amazing. So amazing, in fact, that Sarah pulled a neck muscle from busting out her "peacock moves" - no joke. That's dedication, people.

Laura and I sang in choir together in high school. It was great doing the show with her after all these years! (Ms. Porcupine)

Suzy and I sing on praise team together. She's been doing the show for years (Mr. Sheep).

Mr. and Mrs. Monkey - Mrs. Monkey's name is Jenna in real life, and they have the same last name as me, so this created some confusion at first. Aren't they the cutest couple?!

Speaking of cutest couples ever, our narrators, Mo and Jo, who are Laura Beth and Jason, are engaged to be married in real life. We're going wedding dress shopping tomorrow - EEK!!

The men in Noah's family (Japheth, Noah, Ham, Shem).

The women in Noah's family (Arathka, Naamah, Zedkah, Nahala...yes, the names were made up).

Noah's family. I was privileged to work with such gifted people who dearly love the Lord. What a blessing!

(I have to also mention that ALL of our costumes were made by a woman at our church. She is UNBELIEVABLE, needless to say. I can't believe she got it all done, and she was never frustrated or without a smile. Ms. Pam is my hero!)

This show really gave me a renewed desire and conviction that teaching our children about the Lord and showing them His love and grace while they are young is so important, and can never be underestimated. When these kiddos came through the hour long line to have their t-shirts signed, they were so excited. It seemed to make their night when we learned their names, said hi to them, and asked them questions. They are so impressionable and have a natural, innocent belief in God that is so refreshing and encouraging. I loved doing this for the Lord, and for all the children and their families who love Him or, I pray, will come to know Him. Praise God that His Word is so powerful and that He uses the least of these to get His message across!


Brad and Lauren Holmes said...

This is awesome Jennifer! I wish my kids could have seen the production too. :-)