Friday, June 24, 2011


This morning Mimi took me and Bennett to see his very first movie in the theater: Cars 2. This morning at breakfast he was so excited he told me he couldn't finish his food or his tummy would get sick. He LOVED it, and loved the whole experience so much, he cried when we had to leave after the movie was over (he thought we would get to stay and play or watch another movie). It was the cutest thing to watch him. I enjoyed watching him more than the movie, and so did Mimi :).

To make the event extra special, I got him a Cars 2 t-shirt (which Bennett was also pumped about), and we had popcorn and Sprite during the movie. You would've thought my little man was in heaven, getting all the attention from Mom and Mimi, getting to see a movie on the big screen, and getting a coke! He was bursting with happiness and excitement the whole time, and sat perfectly still (except for one bathroom break and one little rendition of musical chairs) watching the action.

This experience illustrated to me once again why God loves doing wonderful things for us, his children. He loves us so much, and he loves to bring us joy. It was a really special date with my little guy, and I'm looking forward to doing the same kind of thing with Jasper someday.

(pardon the crummy-quality of the pictures - they're from my phone)

Mimi and Bennett (aren't they the cutest??)
Getting ready to go in!

P.S. All the reviews you're reading about the movie are pretty much true. It has a huge, blatant political message about alternative forms of fuel, the pixar animation is rather crummy in parts, and the plot is way too complicated for little kids. So if you're going for yourself, don't go. But if you're going because you're hoping your little kid will enjoy the sequel of Cars, and they already love the first movie, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Bennett was completely unaware (as kids tend to be) of all the stuff I just mentioned. He loved the movie and loved the experience, and I just loved that he loved it :).