Friday, August 17, 2012


     Yesterday I took Bennett to his first day of Kindergarten.  He looked precious in his school uniform - both big and so little at the same time.  When we got to his class, he waltzed right over to his cubby to hang up his backpack, then marched right over to his desk and sat down.  I got out my camera to take a picture and he said, "Hey, Mom, do you want me to wink for the picture?"  HA!  He was so happy and excited to be there.  I held back tears until I was back in the car - tears of sadness for the end of a season that will never reappear with my first born, but also tears of thanksgiving and gladness, because he is such a perfect place for him.
     Another teacher saw Bennett in the hallway yesterday morning and told Michael she had never seen a happier Kindergartener; he looked ecstatic to be standing in the line waiting for the water fountain :).  She said he was literally bouncing off of the walls - hee.
     When I picked him up, he told me about all of the things they saw and did, including going to "A.C."  I asked him what A.C. was, and he laughed at himself, then said, "Ohhh!  I mean P.E.!"  Funny boy.
     Today is his first full day of school, his first full day away from home, and I miss him terribly - I've missed him all day - far more than I ever expected.  When I think about how this is the "new normal," there is an ache in my chest and I have to hold back tears.  It's so quiet without him, even with the way Jasper chattered my ear off today :).
     Jasper is talking to me and wanting to play double-time because his best buddy isn't at home.  Two different times today, he has insisted that Bennett is here, he's just in another room.  At lunch time he heard a motorcycle driving by outside and he asked me if it was Bennett coming home.  We both miss our little tornado! :)
     My greatest comfort is of course that God is holding him in His hands, but also that Bennett is loving school so much.  His teacher is wonderful, and she loves Bennett (she already knew our family from my mom and Michael teaching at the same school - both my mom and Michael have taught her two boys in the past).  She is very structured and understands how little boys tick.  I believe this year is going to be fantastic, and I couldn't have asked for better for his very first year of school.

 His backpack, teacher apple, and big day gifts for him and Jasper.

 He's ready for action :).

 Getting ready to go!

 So proud of my little buddy, so happy for him!