Saturday, August 11, 2012


     God has done amazing things this summer with our family, and with the girls in particular.  From the moment they come to this campus and live in our home, they are immersed by spiritual concepts, thoughts, history, scripture, etc.  For all but one of the kids we have had so far, this is a brand new experience.  Some of them come with a sketchy background in the church and a sporadic knowledge of the truth; they have no roots or foundation.  This is what we are trying to provide by taking them to church, having daily scripture time at the dinner table, devotionals at our weekly Family Meeting, service projects, getting them their own bibles, signing them up for camps and retreats, and making sure they are involved and immersed in the youth group at church with various activities.
     I have to pause here to say that our church's youth program is mind-blowing.  The things they offer and the way they support and help our teens is unbelievable.  It was that way when I grew up there, and it is so wonderful to watch our girls experiencing the same blessings of godly, loving adults who are there to mentor and teach and grow followers of Christ.
     This summer our four newest girls went on a middle school youth group camp.  K has history and faith in the Lord because of a woman who invited her into her home several years ago.  She has been an example and has been a peer teacher to our other girls.  When the other three came back from camp, they all said they were ready to give their lives to Jesus.  They acknowledged what God has done for them, they began volunteering to pray, they have written out testimonies, prayers, and desires for a clean slate and a new life in Christ, praise God!
     Michael and I were floored when they came back and had chosen this new path.  A few weeks ago, P was baptized, and A was baptized last week.  M is getting baptized at the end of this month.  They are learning that although life has been so difficult and heart-breaking, so disappointing and unfair, our God is just, and loving, and He has a plan.  They are seeing His fingerprints all over their lives, and for the first time, they have hope for a future.  Beautiful.
     The girls were also able to go to a camp through ACU that was paid for in full by one of our wonderful donors.  They went to New Mexico where they did a wilderness trek of sorts, learning to be still before the Lord and spend time with Him every day.  This was a wonderful faith-building trip as well.  Once I get pictures developed and downloaded of that trip, I'll do another post.
     When I think about where these precious girls have come from, and the hope and future they all have now, in every aspect, my heart sings.  God is so good.  He did not have to let us see the fruit of what we are doing here.  He has brought these girls here because He loves them so much, and He wants good things for them.  I am so thankful to be a small sliver of a part of His magnificent plan for their lives.