Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have to say, I've been a blogging FOOL the last week or so. Enjoy the pregnant high while it lasts, family and friends. I figure I've got another month, two months tops before that ends and I start hiding out in our house with all the mirrors covered because a) I'm exhausted and b) I'm huge and sporting my triple-chin look. Hee.

But for now, I'm feeling good at 25 weeks. And can I just say I LOVE my doctor. The last two times I've gone in, sweet Bowen has measured two weeks ahead (which is slightly bigger than Bennett was, and he was BIG), and my doctor was like, "We are so NOT putting your body or your baby through what you went through last time." So regardless of my decision on how to birth this baby, he'll be born a couple of weeks BEFORE his due date, rather than after. YES!! I'm PUMPED about this, I must confess. So that puts time of arrival more like around March 12th, as opposed to the 26th, which means I have just 13 weeks left, just FYI for everyone :) I'm still walking when the weather behaves (which hasn't been just real often with the crazy cold wind these days) and I'm weighing in 5-6 lbs. under what I was with Bennett each doctor visit, which is also exciting since I gained too much with him. I'm hoping to be 10-15 lbs. less than I was with Bennett, with being careful now and delivering earlier, making my weight loss after a MUCH easier ordeal (ideally, of course :) ). Here's my pregnancy picture update, and also how my To Do List is shaping up these days:


1. I've cleaned out Bowen's closet, aside from the Christmas presents that are being stored there right now. Still need to ask Michael to fix a shelf in there, but other than that, we're good to go!

2. Goodwill must be LOVING me right now. We've cleaned out and purged so much stuff from our house and attic. We're not really pack-rats and don't hold onto a lot of extra stuff anyway, but now I feel even better about it. We're making another run this week to drop of a few more random items, and I'm hoping that will be the end of it.

3. PAINT PARTY DAY is coming up. Me and my mom are tackling Bennett's chest of drawers, and a piece of shelved furniture, curtain rod and picture frames for Bowen's room in about a week. I cannot WAIT for this project to be done. It'll essentially finish up the baby room and complete Bennett's bigger boy room as well. I've got all the paint and supplies we need, waiting patiently for the day, and Michael's agreed to take Bennett to paint the town while mom and me paint the furniture :)

4. papering is SO not happening. The update is, I've ripped out the old nasty contact paper from ONE shelf and have yet to re-cover it. Yikes. Not so sure this one will get done for a WHILE...if at all.

5. Michael installed the new smoke detectors - THANKS, honey!

6. Sold the jogging stroller and used the money to buy fall clothes for Bennett. I'm such a beast.

7. I have four pages left in Bennett's scrapbook to do, and two of those pages are being done tonight. Being done by Christmas is totally realistic. Sweet.

8. We have not switched Bennett to his toddler bed and have no plans to do so in the immediate future...possibly after the holidays. We'll see. He's perfectly content to be in his crib and I'm content to sleep in every morning :)

9. The whole crib thing for Bowen got to be seriously ridiculous for a while, but was eventually smoothed out. The crib we WERE going to use for him got recalled (lovely), but because of that, we got a full rebate for a brand new crib at Babies R Us. Awesome. But of course, the crib I knew would be absolutely PERFECT was discontinued and no more were being made. So when I got my rebate in, I made some phone calls and tracked one down in Arlington. Michael went to pick it up and put it together the next day without a hitch. Fabulous.

And here are some additions to the list *sigh* :

10. Sew/alter some of Bennett's clothes to match Bowen's needs (this is projected for January)

11. Make a couple of throw pillows for Bowen's room, projected for January as well.

12. Wash burp rags, blankets, car seat, baby clothes, etc.

13. Take baby toys and supplies down from the attic and clean.

Here's a quick update on my new cleaning system (see several posts back): I'm still loving it. My blinds are clean, my microwave is clean, Bennett's toys have been sanitized, our back porch has been organized and straightened up, etc. Things that just didn't get done before are now getting attention because I take it all one room at a time. LOVE it.

And that's about all the blogiliciousness I can handle right now.


Kristen said...

Good for you!!! You make it all sound so exciting. Do what you can while you have the energy :)