Friday, December 19, 2008


Yes, Friday Favorites are back - don't know for how long - I refuse to commit because that dooms it all from the start. But here's a post for this week, anyway, with no particular theme or rhyme or reason, just some favorites of mine:

1) ROTISSERIE CHICKEN AT WAL-MART -- these are whole, cooked, delicious chickens, for $5, my friends. I plan my menu of the week around these suckers pretty often. I pick two dishes that each require the meat from about half a chicken, and then I'm set for two different meals. An example of this is my menu this week, which included chicken salad on croissants with BBQ chips one night, and tonight I'm making chicken enchilada casserole, all from the same stinkin' chicken, and I don't have to cook the meat cause it's already done! It doesn't get much better than that.

2) TWILIGHT BOOK SERIES -- If you haven't read it, read it. 'Nuff said.

3) RUBBERMAID WRAPPING PAPER STORAGE BIN THINGY -- I bought one of these on Black Friday for $5 and it is AWESOME. I keep all of my Christmas wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, bows, labels, tape and scissors in ONE container. It has saved time and energy because it's all in the same place where I need it. After Christmas I'm planning on storing it in the attic and then bringing it down once a year with all of our Christmas decorations. Genius.

4) DIET DR. THUNDER -- Call me a heretic (Kristen), but I think this stuff tastes pretty close to Diet Dr. Pepper and it costs a ton less. I'm a fan.

5) CHRISTMAS TREE CAKES -- you know, those white individually wrapped ones made out of gallons of sugar and wax (or something of the same consistency). I LOVE these things and I excuse myself to eat them during the holidays. Plus, they're like a dollar a box. Hmm...sounds like someone's not really following a health conscious diet these days...but I don't hear Bowen complaining :)

6) PAINT COUNTER AT LOWE'S -- many of you know from some of my EARLY posts that I detest Home Depot and refuse to shop there due to a horrific experience with painting our bedroom. I've gone to Lowe's many times now, and especially recently to match paint for Bennett's dresser and Bowen's accessories, and they have done a FANTASTIC job and have been SO helpful. Bless Bennett's heart, he knows how to get there and recognizes the landmarks. When we get closer, he starts chanting "Lowe's, Lowe's, LOWE'S!" hee :)

I could go on, but the laundry and dishes are calling my name and goodness knows they won't do themselves. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Unsinkable Kristen said...

#1 - LOVE those.

#2 - LOVE those as well.

#3 - My paper holder broke last year and I really need to get another one. I may try this one!

#4 - LOL.

#5 - I swear up and down these are my favorite things on earth. They are SO SO good. And I think baby needs some tonight. Gotta get what the baby wants :)

#6 - I so need to paint. Ugh.

Great list!!!

Kristinsgirls said...

Hey, I saw you singing at church tonight! It was great to see you even though you didn't see me :) I love the Twilight books too. Regular Dr. Thunder, walmart chickens!