Tuesday, December 16, 2008


*i am enjoying the quiet night.
*i want my family to not be sick anymore!
*i have a LOT on my plate over the next two weeks.
*i miss the warmer weather.
*i fear not being as a good a mommy to two boys as I am to one.
*I hear the dryer and Bennett's soft snoring.he dryer so loud!
*i search for meaning and purpose in day to day life.
*i wonder why life has to be so difficult and complicated at times.
*i regret how much I ate at On the Border tonight. hee
*i love my boys. All three of them :)
*i forgive my body and myself for not exulting in the state of pregnant-ness as some women do.
*i ache when I turn or get up too quickly.
*i always take some "me time" during Bennett's nap.
*i try to do the very best I can at everything I do.
*i seem to avoid the phone...this tends to annoy others.
*I know that I am dearly loved.

*i feel
happy and content, but SO very tired of being sick.
*I dance several times a day with my sweet boy.
.**i dream of being settled somewhere with four kiddos.
*i give a lot of myself. Sometimes too much.
*i listen to music all day long.
*i sing all the time and make up songs about all kinds of things.
*i laugh a lot, and I like it that way.
*i can't get excited about contact papering my shelves.
*i cry less now than I ever have in my adult life.
*i sleep a lot these days, but it never seems to be enough.
*i am excited about Christmas with family.
*i see ...the computer??
*i need rest.
*i should run a bunch of errands tomorrow...