Monday, December 8, 2008


So a couple of days ago I'm mopping our kitchen floors, when all of a sudden I see a gray streak run sprint from under the refrigerator and disappear under our oven. I shrieked, took in a few deep breaths, stared at the oven for a minute or so and got back to mopping, pretty sure my new little friend wouldn't be making another appearance any time soon. However, to say I was annoyed is a bit of an understatement.

Then, last night Michael and I are drifting off to sleep when I hear a faint scuttling (yes, scuttling) under our bed. GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. It's my little friend again, I know it. Michael is snoring so I know he didn't hear it. He's also sick so I really didn't want to wake him up. I decide for the moment to try to go to sleep anyway, but then I remember how the vermin nibbled on my finger last week and my bravery wavers. And it completely dissolves when I hear the thing moving around along the wall under my head. I wake Michael up and turn on the lights. I'm not sure he totally believes me until we start rummaging around under the bed and see it run from the bed to under the dresser. We stuff a towel under our door, trying to trap him in our room so we can catch it, which works initially, since he definitely tries to run that way, scampers up the towel, then back under the dresser again. I am shrieking again, Michael is posed to strike, but this sucker is FAST. For about 30 minutes we provoke, poke, bang on things, etc. to try to find and trap it, but as Michael is looking around the curtains and blinds, I see a gray flash run toward our door again. This mouse somehow found a spot to wiggle under our door and he disappeared AGAIN! We looked around at our torn apart room, shrugged our shoulders, stuffed the towel tightly under the door (so it couldn't come back in) and went to bed.

Michael bought new traps today that I'm foolishly optimistic about. We'll see. The trap we'd set under the bed had been licked clean (disgusting) and never sprung. And as of now, there are two mice we're aware of (a brown and a gray), and the score is 0-2 in favor of the mice. Not liking the odds. Seriously, this has got to stop. If these next traps don't work, we're springing for the poison, then for the exterminator.

Wish us luck, friends.