Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So we have this book called "Words in my World" that Bennett LOVES to read. Each page flips up or out to expand on new pictures and vocabulary. Last night, we flipped up the clothing page and are going around the page talking about the name and color of each item. There were a few pictures on the page he'd never shown interest in before, but this time he wanted to know about each and every picture...including a nondescript pair of underwear.

So we go around talking about the boots, socks, hats, skirts, etc. and when we get to the underwear, I say, "That's underwear." And Bennett TOTALLY freaks OUT! Remember how I wrote about his tense up-shiver-drama thing that he does when he's afraid of something or really doesn't like it? That's exactly what he did. It was HILARIOUS. Michael and I were clutching our sides we were laughing so hard. We tried turning the page and talking about other things in the book, but he kept turning back to the page and pointing. Each time I'd say "underwear," he'd do his shiver thing, but it was like a train wreck he couldn't look away from.

THEN this morning we get up, eat breakfast, and are playing with his toys, when he turns to his books and starts saying "unerwet, unerwet" over and over. Then he says "Apple Book" (that's what he calls it) and I immediately realize he's asking for the torture of the underwear AGAIN - HA!

I take out the book and he immediately turns to the page with the you-know-what, then says, "Scary underwear! Scary underwear!" I try to patiently explain that underwear is not scary, and that in fact, he will get to wear it someday when he's a big boy. He either didn't hear or didn't care about what I was saying. For the rest of the day he was obsessed with the book and I must've heard the phrase "Scary underwear!" a hundred times.

Oh, my never-a-dull-moment child! Can we say "Won't be potty-training for a LOOONG time?" hee :)