Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Outrageous is seeing a mouse scurry along late last night on your living room floor from under the couch up the fireplace, and then disappearing somewhere in your son's toys that you spent two hours sanitizing last week.

Outrageous is realizing that the hole in your fireplace you plugged up because what you thought was said mouse's entry point, is actually not, and the stupid mouse has probably been paying you a visit every night since then without your knowledge. Gross.

AND...(Disclaimer: I promise I am not making one bit of this next part up, hard as it is to believe) OUTRAGEOUS is waking up in the morning from a deep middle-of-a-pleasant-dream-sleep when you feel something NIBBLING the tip of your FINGER!!!!!!!!!!! When you wake up and scream, you promptly hear a scurrying down behind your night stand (where the finger nibbling occurred) and along the wall under your bed.

I mean, REALLY?!! This mouse had the audacity to CHEW on my HAND!! And either there is one brave mouse that visits us nightly and roams freely throughout our house, or there's more than one (shudder).

So needless to say, we'll be spending money outside of the Christmas budget this season for an exterminator. Oh. My. Gross.

Can anybody top this story? Cause I'd sure love to hear it. I'll keep you posted as the Mouse Wars continue, because this little pest DEFINITELY declared war when he bit me.