Monday, August 9, 2010


Those of you who know the history of Michael and I's relationship, know just how far we've come, and that our journey truly is miraculous. God took us out of a dark, bottomless pit and set our feet on the Rock. His tender mercies served as a mirror to reflect the work that needed to be done, and His strength and power and love for us has brought us to where we are today. Our marriage would not be intact without God's miraculous intervention, and without a LOT (I repeat, a LOT) of hard work on our parts as individuals and as a couple. But because of all this, on our 7th anniversary, we are in a sweet, sweet place.

My husband is the most patient, hard-working, gentle, helpful man I know. And my heart overflows with thankfulness for him and the man God has made him on an almost daily basis. Especially today. (got those barf bags ready?)

This is a list of seven things I absolutely adore, admire, respect and love about my husband (there are more, but we've stuck with sevens all weekend, so I'll continue today :) ):

1. Michael is so FUNNY. He has this goofy, charming sense of humor that keeps us both feeling young, and helps me see the bright, ridiculous side of just about any situation. He can cheer me up and lift me up SO quickly, and his desire to entertain fits my love for laughing perfectly. Our kids love it, too. His silliness provides hours of entertainment for the whole family. :)

2. He takes care of me. I feel secure, provided for, and safe with this man - emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually. He is an excellent provider, and it's easy to trust him to take good care of me and our family.

3. He is a naturally gifted Daddy. This might be one of the most amazing, admirable things to me about him. He is such a strong presence in the lives of our boys. He loves them so deeply, plays with them so hard, disciplines them so well, guides them spiritually, and teaches them important things about what it means to be a man, to name a few. I've come to believe that we have two boys because he is such an unbelievable "boy daddy." No doubt that he would be excellent with a little girl as well, but he truly is gifted with Bennett and Jasper. I sit back and watch Michael with them and again feel my heart fill up on a regular basis. On the technical aspect, some of the things he does that I know not all daddies do include: giving a nightly bath, taking over with the boys 2-3 times a week (sometimes more!) when I go out with my friends, or exercise, or need a break, etc, plays with the boys (especially Bennett) from the minute he gets home from work, takes them on outings unexpectedly and without being asked, shows Bennett how to use tools, how to mow, how to play certain sports, etc.

4. He's got my back. We're partners, and we help each other out. When I'm dragging, or really tired, or just need a break from the craziness of mommyhood, Michael is so quick to suggest I take a few hours or an afternoon to myself. And he thinks nothing of it. It's important to him because he wants me to be in a good place.

5. He lets me be the barometer of our relationship. If I say something is off, or something is hurtful, or something needs to be worked on, he validates my feelings and takes me seriously. We talk about it, we work it out, we form a plan, and things get dealt with. He cares about the things I care about.

6. I say this a LOT, but it's SO true. My husband is such a HARD worker! In the past several years, he has worn 4-5 hats at the school he teaches at: teaching 2-3 preps, in charge of chapel every day, running tech support for the ENTIRE campus, doing his principal internship this year, etc. And besides that, he has always had a part-time job in the summer, or taken hours and hours of grad classes, or BOTH. He has also been taking grad classes throughout the school year for several years. He has his masters of education, and is working on certification in 2-3 other areas, as well as finishing up his principal's certification this year, all to provide, all to help our family grow.

7. We share the same dreams. Which I've realized over the years in talking with other couples, is a pretty amazing thing. We both have a heart for children. We both want to adopt, and possibly foster someday. We both want to help children who are not as fortunate, who need love and a home. We both desire a home with a lot of kids (4+). And this is completely doable and realistic for our family because he is so involved and so helpful and sacrificial. We have the same goals, spiritually, financially, in disciplining our children, for the future, etc.

Thank you, Lord, for this man I love - for making him my husband, and for guiding my choice before I really even understood what I was choosing. Thank you for the way you have molded and shaped us to be two parts of a whole that is made more like you because we have each other. Thank you for these seven years, and I ask that the next seven will bring us even closer to you and closer together.


Vicky said...

I am so thankful that you are Michael's wife and the mother of my adorable grandsons.

You continue to be a blessing to me in so many ways.



Megan said...

For the record, I didn't barf. ;) I thought this was such a sweet post. I know Michael is an excellent daddy. Just from what I know of his personality in college I can totally see him getting out with his boys. How special. Happy 7 to you guys!