Tuesday, August 10, 2010


God just keeps the blessings coming, so I keep on posting. Our family has been drenched in a downpour of wonderful things lately.

A baby's first steps are always a big, exciting deal, but for this little guy, it's especially momentous. I've been praying for about two weeks specifically that God would strengthen his little legs and give him the desire to walk. And today HE DID IT!! I clapped and hollered and danced with him, but he didn't look at me like I was crazy one time (the boy LOVES verbal praise) - he basked in it and loved it so much, he repeated his little performance over and over again (always one to two steps, but it's HUGE progress!). I almost cried because I've been waiting so long for this day, and feared it wouldn't come without another trip to the doctor and being told he needs physical therapy along with the rest of the laundry list of work we're doing with our little dude. But God answered my prayers, and I really think He did it just cause He loves me. Thanks, God! I needed the encouragement!

Next up, just a precious thing that happened with my Bennett this evening. I've had a headache most of the afternoon/evening, and was laying down on our bed when B came in and asked what was wrong. I told him I had a headache and he said, "It's okay, Mom. God will take care of you. He will help you when you pray to him." I asked Bennett if he wanted to pray to God about it for me, and he said, "Yes, I've been learning how to pray." Then he proceeded with this: "Dear God, please help Mommy to feel better, and no dreams, and please heal her headache, God. In Jesus' name, amen." The dreams part is in reference to about a week-long phase he went through when he was having bad dreams every night, and we told him that he can pray to God and ask Him to take away the dreams, and God will do that for him. Ever since then, it hasn't been a problem at all. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing a prayer from a child's heart, and my heart is full of the knowledge that my sweet boy is learning to love the Lord.

Finally, I've got a couple of cute videos to share. The first is some play time with Michael and Bennett (pardon Michael's shirtlessness - ninjas can't be bothered with such things, ya know), and the second is Bennett reciting the three Rules of Respect with hand motions that Michael created, which have worked fabulously.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to B
(love me some Aretha!)


Kristen said...

GO JASPER GO!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! I probably would have cried!! You can always call me, it would have been wonderful to share that excitement with you! Bennett's heart is so precious and the videos were too cute. I loved hearing you laugh in the background. I know your mommy heart is just bursting!!

Vicky said...

I LOVE the videos!!

Keep them coming!

Riss said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the videos!! So happy Jasper has put those steps together!

Miss you! Maybe we can find a time in the next year (because I know it'll take that long to line our schedules up) to get together. :)