Thursday, August 19, 2010


A horrific thing happened to me this morning upon waking, possibly even worse than the time I woke up to the feeling of a MOUSE biting my finger (for more on that, read THIS).

This morning, at the crack of dawn, I woke up to a tickling sensation on my shoulder. I scratched, and the feeling promptly moved down to my collarbone. So I move my hand again, and touched a COCKROACH. Oh. My. GROSS!!! I screamed, squished, and tossed it across the room, all at about the same time.

The funny thing about it (once I calmed down, of course), was that when I looked at the clock, it read 6:30am. And the funny thing about THAT is that God has been waking me up at 6:30am for a couple of weeks now, prompting me plain as day to get up and read His Word and spend more time with Him. But I kept putting Him off because I'm already doing a bible study each morning (at 7:00am) that has truly changed my life (more about that very soon), and when the boys nap each day, I spend my time feeding on the Word and praying. So I felt like I was already doing what I needed to do....

Needless to say, I had a wonderful time with the Lord this 6:30am. :) God is good to be so persistent and to insist on what He knows is best for us, even if it does take a neck-crawling cockroach to get my attention (though the beauty of God's goodness doesn't lessen the horrific nature of the experience one bit).

Note to self: Do not ever tell God that you're doing enough and that where you're at is just fine, thank you very much, because that's when Mr. Cockroach (or some other rude awakening) comes to call. And also, I'm not above learning from past experiences. I'm thinking maybe Michael and I should switch the sides of the bed we sleep on. Then he can get nibbled on by vermin and visited by the world's most disgusting bugs :).