Thursday, August 26, 2010


I know a LOT of people have already started back to school, so this is a moot post for most, but for my Benito, school starts on Tuesday (which we are both SOOOO excited about!). I found this ADORABLE teacher gift and knew I had to make it. I'm usually not crafty at all, but one of my friends and several of the blogs she visits has inspired me!

We went to Bennett's "Meet the Teacher" today, and these will be their beginning of the year gifts. They're easy to make and you can get most of your supplies at the dollar store. The link for the tutorial can be found HERE.

Our family is really excited about Bennett's school year. I've prayed a LOT about whether to keep him home with me, put him somewhere, where to put him, etc. I want the Lord's direct hand in his education and raising, and I want him to be somewhere he can flourish and thrive and feel proud of who he is and who God is molding him to be. When we went to his little meeting today, I felt such peace and joy about his teachers and his class and the experience he will have there this year. He's going two days a week from 9am-12pm, which is just enough time for him to learn new things and socially interact, and to give me a small break and some one-on-one time for Jasper, but it doesn't eat up our whole week. I believe this will richly bless our family, and Bennett already talks all the time about his teachers and the things he's seen and done up there on our visits. Watching him get excited is so exciting! Greater things have yet to come!